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In today's extremely competitive subscription box industry, standing out is crucial. We want to be able to help you by providing the knowledge you need to empower your business and drive your growth to new heights.
Features we can offer for subscription box

Multiple DTC Sales Channels

Our fulfillment software syncs you directly with multiple shopping carts, marketplaces and e-commerce solution providers for seamless order, inventory and shipment management.
Preparation and Assembly for Unboxing Experience

Unboxing is a unique moment. This kitting process ensures your customers experience that emotion. GO BOX is proud to offer this flexibility to align with your brand's creative vision, including gift messages, promotional inserts and branded stickers or even fully customized presentations.
Once everything is approved, we will assemble your boxes and ship them on the date you prefer.

Special designs for your unique needs

We understand that growing companies often have unique requirements in the form of special projects. Whether it's repackaging merchandise, conducting inventory counts, collating multiple SKUs into a package, or assembling master boxes for retail, our Go BOX team is here to help.

No matter what the request, we are committed to doing our best to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring that your needs are met with the highest level of service.
Customer Care

Fulfillment, shipping, and logistics can be complex, and having the right people to guide you can make all the difference. Our team undergoes extensive training in all aspects of eCommerce fulfillment to help you with all your fulfillment needs. Given the unique nature of subscription box services, we understand the importance of having experts in these specific requirements.
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