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Currently, many companies that do not have sufficient resources to carry out the storage, handling and distribution of their goods choose to outsource their logistics and entrust their operation to a 3PL logistics operator.
This outsourcing allows merchants of all sizes to accelerate their growth efforts by outsourcing the complexities of omnichannel fulfillment management, inventory management and after-sales processes and focus on the core aspects of their business.
What is 3PL (Third Party Logistics)?

3PL logistics (Third Party Logistics) refers to the services that a company hires from a supplier to outsource its logistics.
In this way, the 3PL service provider becomes responsible for all operational management of the company's products and for their delivery to the final recipient, acting as an intermediary between the company and its customers.

How Does a 3PL Work?

You focus on marketing and selling your products and we take care of the rest. Through our integrations, our software will sync directly with your online shopping cart to import orders automatically. From there, GO BOX will select, pack and ship each order without hesitation or delay. The best part is that our process is customizable and fully scalable, so no matter how fast you grow, you're guaranteed to get the same great service for every order.
3PL Partners Can Provide for your Business

3PL Benefits

Focus on business growth

Cost reduction

Receiving, inventory and shipping management

Meeting high demands

Access to many sales channels
Of course, there are benefits to managing your fulfillment process yourself. Initially, it's cheap and relatively simple to set up. But as your business and inventory grow, it can quickly become a more time-consuming and complex process to manage. In this sense, partnering with a 3PL service company can help you scale your demand, reduce errors and costs. Fulfilling orders isn't easy, and doing it at scale can be even harder. With the help of a 3PL fulfillment partner like GO BOX, your business can focus on your core business and keep growing.
Management for Effective Inventory Control

Our advanced inventory management system gives you complete control over your assets. Easily add SKUs, create packages, forecast inventory levels, and more. In our warehouse, we optimize the location of each unit to ensure agility in execution.

In addition, we also prioritize the safety and security of your products.
Our warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to prevent any loss or damage.

A powerful software

Inventory Management

Our system provides complete visibility and control of your inventory, giving you the tools you need to efficiently manage your inventory and streamline your fulfillment process. Let GO BOX help you stay on top of your inventory and make decisions that really matter to your business.

Order Management

Stay informed and up-to-date on your orders with our software's order management tools.
Our integrations with your sales channels eliminate the need to manually import data and allow all necessary notifications to your customers to be carried out. With our order management portal, you can track the status of each order from the time it is placed until the time it is delivered.

Warehouse Management

For us, warehouse services are of utmost importance for your e-commerce business. We ensure your products are properly and strategically stored and we treat your products as if they were our own.
Our warehouse management system (WMS) was developed to help us deliver the best solutions for our customers.
Plus, it even lets you efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of your e-commerce service, ensuring smooth operations and a differentiated experience.

Shipping Management

We offer a smart shipping method solution based on transit time preferences to better meet each order's need. We are always attentive to changes in the market and looking for the best rates.
Our partnerships with the main operators, combined with the transparency of our software, allow you to have the necessary information to make the best decision.

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