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Bringing your business to the world
Simplify your business and focus on profitability with GO BOX 3PL

Multiple DTC Sales Channels

Subscription Box

Shipping Network

Inventory Control
Streamline your operations and stay focused for a more profitable business. Our end-to-end fulfillment solutions, powered by our software, streamline all processes so you can operate more efficiently and effectively. Say goodbye to the complexities of logistical processes. Let us take care of it for you while you focus on growing your business and maximizing profits.
Cloud Fulfillment Software Platform to Manage Omnichannel Ecommerce

Our fulfillment platform features a fully integrated warehouse management system and order fulfillment system that empowers businesses to run a single digital fulfillment experience.
Our advanced order, inventory, shipping and warehouse management system along with omnichannel integrations are designed to help your business save time and money. With a strong focus on technology, we strive to provide efficient and streamlined solutions that meet your needs.

Connect to multiple e-commerce portals, marketplaces and a solution provider for streamlined order, inventory, warehousing and shipping management.

Our integrations ensure that your fulfillment processes are seamlessly integrated across multiple platforms, allowing you to manage your orders, inventory and shipments efficiently and effectively.

With GO BOX, you can do more.
A powerful software
Inventory Management

Our system provides complete visibility and control of your inventory, giving you the tools you need to efficiently manage your inventory and streamline your fulfillment process. Let GO BOX help you stay on top of your inventory and make decisions that really matter to your business.

Order Management

Stay informed and up-to-date on your orders with our software's order management tools.
Our integrations with your sales channels eliminate the need to manually import data and allow all necessary notifications to your customers to be carried out. With our order management portal, you can track the status of each order from the time it is placed until the time it is delivered.

Warehouse Management

For us, warehouse services are of utmost importance for your e-commerce business. We ensure your products are properly and strategically stored and we treat your products as if they were our own.
Our warehouse management system (WMS) was developed to help us deliver the best solutions for our customers.
Plus, it even lets you efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of your e-commerce service, ensuring smooth operations and a differentiated experience.

Shipping Management

We offer a smart shipping method solution based on transit time preferences to better meet each order's need. We are always attentive to changes in the market and looking for the best rates.
Our partnerships with the main operators, combined with the transparency of our software, allow you to have the necessary information to make the best decision.

Consultancy and Assistance throughout the Export and Sales Process

We can help you in all stages of the export process (Brazil x USA) and sale of your product in the main e-commerce channels in the USA. Expand your market and start selling your products across the US and Worldwide.
Please note that the lead times provided are estimates and may vary depending on factors such as the nature of the product, specific regulatory requirements and the efficiency of customs processes.
Reduce your Shipping Cost

The main reason for shopping cart abandonment is shipping costs. To stay competitive in the e-commerce industry, offering the most competitive shipping rates is crucial.
For this reason, we are always attentive to the market and looking for the best opportunities to reduce costs.
Customer Support

Offering services and solutions aimed at the success of your business is part of our work, however, when we talk about customer service, we want to offer you a differentiated service and support experience.
Fulfillment Center

We are located in a strategic point in the USA that allows your orders to be delivered to your customers with deadlines and costs that are extremely competitive in the market.
Our service solutions and cutting-edge technology allow you to focus on growing your business while we take care of your logistics. We take care of your entire logistical process, from order processing and inventory management to packaging and shipping. We don't want to be just another supplier in your business, but a partner to help you achieve scalable growth and a differentiated service experience.
At GO BOX, we pride ourselves on being a trusted 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider for e-commerce businesses and subscription box businesses of all sizes. Our call center is equipped with an advanced order, inventory and warehouse management system, ensuring you have the best experience possible. Our software integrates with multiple shopping carts and marketplaces, making it easy to transition and combine with your existing solutions, whether you're just starting out or shipping large volumes of orders every month. Trust GO BOX for a differentiated service experience.
We do more than just pick, pack and ship:
Elaboration of kits
Analysis tools
Return management
Customization Services
Consulting and assistance throughout the whole process
Fulfillment services
Technology (Order, inventory, and shipping management software)
Storage (Receipt and storage)
Integrations with various e-commerce platforms
2 day express shipping
Inventory Management
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